Chip moded wii

  1. hawk123
    Hi Folks just got a quick question, just got my wii workin again after one year, and trying to get the new super mario working, but the disk wants me to update. I have a PAL console, and the game is PAL, so im wondering if i let the game do its update can this in anyway damage my wii?. ive read forums about this and some say yes and some say no. So to clarify i have a chip mod only (no softmod hack), and im currently runnin firmware 3.1e so its a bit out of date :P, and am wondering how is the best way to update my wii.
  2. ModderMan
    PAL console, and the nsmb game is PAL....will update to 4.1 which is the best fw.... not 4.2

    chances are you Will have to update your modchip to handle the new BCA encryption on the nsmb game..
  3. shane2010
    hi i also have nsmb in a nrg file and converted it to iso file but wii brickblocker doesnt work says invalid not wii iso file why?
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