Music Games (Guitar Hero, Rockband, Etc.)

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  1. zerosyko
    Hi guys. I'm iffy at the instrument games, but as a general rule (unless the songs are easy) I pick Hard guitar and Expert bass. A trained monkey can play drums better than me (as in, I get around 78% on Easy). I play vocals on hard. (:
  2. trekster
    I have RB1, the 2 expansion packs and RB2

    I love the drums, I made up custom covers to quieten my drums and protect them

  3. zerosyko
    What difficulty do you play Drums on?
  4. trekster
    easy for now cos I want to hear the music sound good :P

    Although I have 90% a few medium songs.....

    So i guess I could play medium, Just cant be bothered hahaha
  5. Sune_C
    Hey guys, i believe i stumbled upon a GH III custom version of GH II a while ago. But now when i am finally on 3.2 and able to play it, i can't find it anywhere online. Do you happen to know where its located?
  6. smasher164
    i got a 78% on TTAF on Expert and a 100% on green grass and high tides on expert.
  7. zerosyko
    It's in a topic on here somewhere Sune; have you tried searching the forum posts?
  8. RockMan_Forte
    I can't get enough Guitar Hero. I tried to play Rock Band, but it just doesn't feel right to me.

    I got a couple custom ISOs of GH3 modified to have original GH I & GH II songs and they own bcuz I don't have 2 wireless guitars on my PS2... But I do for the Wii!!!
  9. cruisen
    Does anyone know how to download DLC for Rockband 2 onto a PAL Wii in Australia ?
  10. zerosyko
    How do you guys hold the guitar? I put my forefinger on Red and my pinky on Orange. I find it easier to move from red to green
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