I support you Admiral.....

  1. buzzlightyear
    Ive been hacking things for ages....learnt to program my Z80, spectrum and the rest and started hacking systems as soon as I realised I could. done PS1, Ps2, PSP, DS, XBOX and 360 and now the Wii...would like to move on and start to move away from making homebrew work on a console to making homebrew on a console. Your knowledge on the inner workings of the Wii would be really useful to a NooB programmer like me...any chance we can have a forum for budding programmers on how write stuff?? cant find any forums anywhere that bring up the next talent (not saying I do have) but surely cast the net wide enough...

    Well done Admiral, you have taught me loads here in these forums....can I have more please?

  2. admiral victorinox
    admiral victorinox
    not a lot of people here, got a lot to say after being helped *99% got nothing* **says alot about us, and them doesnt it -,_-,** since people wont talk about news, upcoming games, current games, or even review a game... its doubtful we got anyone whom can program, or even would like to on here... sadly this isnt gonna change, so over adding it, i recommend GBAtemp
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