Tell what your favourite FPSHOOTERS here for any SYSTEM HERE!!

  1. bbryan12
    Write your favourite FPS for ANY SYSTEM HERE!!!

    my favourite for wii = redsteel, and onslaught
  2. VENOM
    mine would be Call of Duty WaW & The Conduit
  3. computer_man20037
    I would agree with The Conduit and also House of the Dead: Overkill for the wii. I would have to say that for a PC stand point: Far Cry 2 and Unreal Tournement 3
  4. numon
    cod 4, conduit, probably the original 007 goldeneye for N64 lol. for PC would be counter strike source,
  5. brianaudio
    cod waw, conduit, for ps2 and 1- medal of honor series
  6. sindiewen
    Any VALVe game on the PC (console versions suck my ***)
    Metroid Pime Trilogy (both origional and Wii Remake)
    The Conduit
    Resistance: FOM/2 (PS3)
    Halo (Xbox/360)
  7. MadPenguin
    Mine would have to be N64 Goldeneye, House of the Dead 2 + 3 and Quake 2 or Doom 3 for PC
    The Resident Evil games weren't bad either.

    What can I say I just love blowing up Zombies *lol*
  8. Jasons34
    I will go way back to the stone age when FPS were started and go with Doom and Wolfenstein 3d. Those were the 2 games that got me into FPS. Eventhough they arent of the quality of todays standards, those for me will never get old.
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