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  1. dex
    Remember when? lol

    Like taking all the vacuum tubes out of the TV and testing them at Thrifty's Drugs while having a nickle ice cream cone?

    Okay... I probably predate most here. I was old enough to drive myself to the premier of the original Star Wars movie. There were no DVDs or VCRs and there were 7 broadcast channels and no cable TV. My first video game was a stand alone, coin-op Pong machine lol.
  2. wiidoggii
  3. dex
    I got a model 1 level 1 TRS80 with a whopping 4k of ram. My programs needed to be saved to a cassette deck. This was in college in the late 70s. As I went on to University for Computer Science we did a lot of PASCAL programming on apple IIs - that seemed to be the academic language of the day. We were sorta testing out an operating system at school - it wasn't exactly new but it was just hitting academia and there were no formal manuals or anything more than some rough mimeo pages (Unix). I sat in my dorm and dialed in to school with my phone then set the phone in rubber cups on my modem so I could work from a terminal at home 300bps - it was killer!
  4. wiidoggii
  5. ModderMan
    4tran and cobol for me and component level diagnostics..
    mainframes were in and a 128kb card was like 10" x 18"

    don't be surprised..there are many probably older
  6. dex
    I remember some of those big cards... they had tiny iron doughnut shaped rings with wire coiled around them -they were magnetized counter clockwise for a one and clockwise for a zero - or visa versa - I have no idea how much they cost but probably lots more than a 1gig DDR2 memory stick today lol
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