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  1. caspur
    ^They are my two babies
  2. trekster
    cars cars cars!!!!!!!!

    Here are some of my previous rides. PS I'm From Australia!!! But a couple of my cars are Jap Imports....

    1986 Vl Calais Turbo 3L Inline 6, FMIC, 3" Exhaust, Boost Controller, Pod filter, 3500Stall Converter 200RWHP@7psi

    1989 Subaru Legacy RS 2LT Turbo AWD

    1994 Holden Vr Statesman. V8 5L Stock

    1995 GT Starlet Advance 1.3L FWD Turbo, TMIC, 2 1/4" Exhaust, Boost Controller, 15" Mags, Lowered suspension. Handled like a go-kart!!!

  3. caspur
    Nice cars I like the starlet it looks good
  4. trekster
    I like yours too!

    The mustang reminds me of the visionboy productions where the lexus goes out dragging mustangs and stuff hahaha
  5. beastman2008
    i had ford tarus sho ran 14s and had 215 horses with 200000 mills was going to put a turbo on it but oil pump whent out and thru rod i miss it i mite buy anuther one
  6. beastman2008
    nice cars like the calais the most
  7. trekster
    Calais was awesome for a 1986 model car, Sunroof, all electrics, Best part was the "pop up" front headlights, just the front end of these cars can sell for $1000-$1500 nowadays
  8. koalapie
    New To Wiihacks and find myself posting in hte car section first... lol well hopfully cant get flamed here to much, will work on loading pictures but have 2 car to post both Chevy ElCamino's my 71 is a blown 454 big block in hugger orange and my other is a 78 Black knight that is my daily drive ( 200 KM every day) I'm also from Oz and had an import or 2 ( including jap twein turbo 300 ZX) Anyway thanks for the info and pics of your cars Cheers Koalapie
  9. shadow3515
    i will upload pics but am more into the street raceing car and i have a 1994 honda prelude SI nice car
  10. caspur
    I bet that el cammy with the 454 is sick
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