A new trip - welcome

  1. mario 362
    mario 362
    I am having a road trip 11-21-09 @ 6p.m .This is to get to know the members of the group . the schedule is 6-8 p.m . If 4-6 people decide to go on the road trip than i will divide the road trip in sections . 6-7 p.m group one will visit my town then leave then 7-8 p.m group two will come and leave . There will be plenty of activities including a fishing tourney 6-6:30(group 1)/7-7:30(group 2) and a garage sale 6:30-7( g. 1)/7:30-8(g.2) . If there are less than 6 people in our group you can get your friends and see if they would like to come . Oh yeah you are visiting my town so once you message me telling me that you are coming on the trip i will send you my friend code along with name and town .(only members of my group can join this road trip ) if you are new or need Ac friends you can just join my group it is okay with me . Any questions , responds , remarks just send me a message . I will post on new stuff .
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