Giveing away Some free stuff (Rare)

  1. acfav
    Hi people. I am a hacker for the Wii Animal Crossing cityfolk and I would Like to
    Give some free stuff away!

    Some stuff Are:
    Royal Crowns
    and Bells!
    I may be giving out Hybirds (Flowers) out!

    If you want my friend code, It is in my youtube account!
    www. animalcrossingfav
    There is no spaces in the link i just gave you.

    Just give me your Information(Friendcode) and I may add you.
    Only one day, you may be able to come okay
  2. dark-666
    I will come !!

    Fc : 2664 6259 7139

    Name: Alain

    Town : Magic
  3. greenbay hacker
    greenbay hacker
    hey, im new here... i would love to go to ur town..please, my friend code is 4125-0656-6382
    my town is greenbay and my name is ashely...
    email me at if u do add me...
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