360 Game Club!

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  1. zerosyko
    My Gamertag is BrotherlyMonkey. Please say Wiihacks or something similar if you add me ^_^
  2. ModderMan
    Great zerosyko!!!!
  3. ModderMan
    My Gamertag is Nator77 ... Please say Wiihacks or something similar if you add me ^_^
  4. fearnii
    The mighty T
    games i play cod5, ea skate, gta iv ,saints row 2, (More but main ones)
  5. aznemo777
    gamertag is ieatpuppys

    havent played any games recently..but you can catch me using my xbox as a dvd player constantly =D
  6. reaper313
    my gamertag is xSITHSxREAP3R u can catch me playin gears 2 alot i dont got alot of games cuz i hav a younger brother...and i have no mic but u can add me if u got gears lol.
  7. LilTenou
    Hello there!
    I play pretty much every day. I switch between Gears of War 2, COD4, Rockband/Guitar Hero, GTA4... whatever I feel like after a hard days work. Link me up if you want to play.

    GamerTag: Tenou
  8. zerosyko
    This is getting a fairly good turnout ^_^ The only online games I have currently are Halo 3 and Fable 2 D:

    I'll be getting more come christmas, though!
  9. aznemo777
    fable any good?
    and is it one of those pay-per-month mmorpgs?
  10. zerosyko
    Yes, I like it. And no, It's an offline game, unless you visit somebody else's world, and all you have to play is Xbox LIVE.
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