360 Game Club!

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  1. boogieb420
    i play on xbl almost everyday games i play- gow2, cod waw, left 4 dead, nba 2k9, madden 09
    Gamertag = boogie B 420.. send friend request u know me from wii hacks
  2. zerosyko
    Yay! Legendary Map Pack! That is all.
  3. battlecoat
    i xbl all the time, except recently because my 360 has fallen to the red ring. it's in the mail back from its vacation to club med, or wherever they sent them.
    my gamertag is battlecoat, and i play a lot of castle crashers, halo 3, and rock band 1+2
  4. zerosyko
    I have a hardcore feeling of.....hardcoreness.....that my gram is getting me a video game chair for X-mas.... Woot! ^_^
  5. zerosyko
    I just rented Mortal Kombat VS. DC. I have to say that that game royally kicks ass. I, personally, like Deadly Alliance (PS2) more though
  6. zerosyko
    I'm probably talking to myself, but anyways.....My mom (who lives in Alaska) sent me the game, "The Darkness" for Christmas. It's really good, any the story so far is great (:
  7. aznemo777
    lol, these social group things arent really active in conversations =p
  8. zerosyko
    Ehh, hopeflly people at least READ my senseless blabber
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