Do you know about Pokémon? Have you beat a game? If so then this group might be for you!

Have you played every Pokémon generation game to date? Have you completed your Pokédex several times? Do you visit serebii or mariland several times a year? Awating Heat Gold/Soul Silver worldwide release? If so then this group is DEFINITELY the group for you!

Played the TCG? Been there done that? Seen the shows??? Then wow... That's just hardcore. I mean with Yu-Gi-Oh it's a bit better but that's deep. There's a spot reserved for you here.

Ps. The founder of this group has acclaimed yes to all of these questions.

A group to generally discuss Pokémon. Every aspect. Need some help? Some competition? Some cheats? Glitches? Companionship from others who also like Pokémon, then join! Who's stopping you?

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