Animal Crossing : Road Trip

Got Animal Crossing City Folk and internet but want to go out of town ? well this is it. trade AC:CF friends codes with me and other members of my group . And once a month ( maybe earlier ) alot of members and I will come to your town to visit . Maybe judge it . if it is nice enough i will probably give you a rare item or 10,000 bells . I will post when we'll have a road trip to your town . You might even can come to my town afterwards. So join . I am even doing road trips for holidays or special events in the game . If you want to contact me you can just message me on wii hacks i will respond as soon as i get it. There will be events that i will have during road trips including fishing tourneys , bug hunts , etc. that are worth bells . If you want to recommend any specific dates for road trips or have any ideas for events you can let me know.

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