Wii Skylanders/giants

  1. blacky6093
    Good evening. It's been a long time since i've been here. Wii is a softmod just updated to 4.3 with DOPMii running a 320GB external and WiiFlow loader. I backed up the original skylander discs to the hard drive. They start just fine but neither will recognize the portal. I googled and found a thread about changing the IOS to 222/223. That had no effect. Any ideas? Oh! USA NTSC version
  2. wiinoob1982
    I am also having a problem with Skylanders Giants. The game loads fine but when it gets to level 1 screen it freezes and portal and USB 1tb harddrive stops working. I used the softmod any wii setup from this site and I also just loaded d2x v8 using wan manager v1.7. Installed all 6 wads and they also loaded ok, but it still hangs up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will also continue to play around and will let you all know if I find a fix. Thank you so much. USA NTSC version also. 4.3U.
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