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Thread: cIOS Downgrader Question...

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    cIOS Downgrader Question...

    Hello, I have been following the " 3.1-3.4 Twilight/Downgrade/Starfall/GammaTutorial" guide so I can downgrade from 3.3U to 3.2U and everything has been going great so far but I am currently on step 2 (cIOS Downgrader) and have tried this several times. It downloads IOS38, MIOS v5, BC v2 just fine but it is taking forever to download System Menu v289. I have attempted this several times because sometimes I know that it can freeze up during downloading and you have to reset the Wii and retry. I cannot get any further than:

    [+] Downloading System Menu v289, please wait...
    >> Downloading content #56...

    It has been like that for around 30 minutes or so, I have attempted this all day...can anyone help? Is this normal? Is the System Menu a very large file and it is supposed to take this long to download? Please help!

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    some files are bigger than others, just wait it out

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