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I couldnt find a topic for firmware 3.4 so I am just going to ask here. I recently updated my wii to firmware 3.4 before I knew that it blocked the twilight hack and prevents installation of homebrew. Is there any way I can get rid of firmware 3.4 or downgrade to a lower firmware so that I can perform the twilight hack and get homebrew?????!
There is a lot of discussion, news, rumours on a lot of boards etc,

so: I'll freely quote some post I've read so far from trusted sources. ( the makers of hbc --etc... )

Following the widespread panic that gripped the Wiibrew community after Nintendo released another firmware update ( 3.4 ) with hack blocks.

Don't worry: -- the Wiibrew community isn't doomed; far from it actually.

Wiibrew isn't dead. The Twilight Hack is gone "and probably won't be coming back" but they have alternatives in mind, and exploits from other games they haven't announced yet.

In short, Calm down about Firmware 3.4, and just wait. Don’t update if you don’t feel like “change” - you’ve got that option so far. And if you’ve updated, my suggestion is that you wait. Avoid hacky workarounds - they can be worse than the problems they purport to fix.

Just Wait and sit ( sweat ) it out. till this day there always came a sollution.

I'll take a beer--