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Thread: Nunchuk help :S

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    Angry Exact same problem!

    I just found this thread, cause I have been experiencing the exact same problem...

    I tried everything, point the nunchuk down, shake it, swing it you name it... I guess mine is busted as well.

    All the functions work properly on all other games, but I did notice that when playing Wi Sports' Boxing my left hand is almost always pointing down, meaning I can only do body shot with it. Check if yours is like that as well.

    Anyway I might have to buy another nunchuk, good thing it sells separetely.

    Let me know if you find something, I tried to find a workaround in the game, but no luck.

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    I'm back... and have results!
    Well, i borrowed my friends nunchuck and now it works like a charm ... guess my nunchuck was a bit messed up (I do recall dropping it many times ) So then i went out and bought a new nunchuck and am playing Star Wars The Force Unleashed with the biggest smile on my face

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