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Thread: on line updates

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    on line updates

    Here is something that will put most peoples minds at ease.

    I recently was testing a new hack in Priiloader that prevents on-line updates.
    I checked this as I have a boot2 nand backup, just in case.
    Wii Connect 24 and internet connection active.
    It worked fine, it gave an internet error.
    Whilst doing this I thought I'd check the parental control feature.
    Go into Settings set a 4 digit password.
    This also works if you try and do an on line update, it asks for your password.

    The only drawback is you have to key in your password every time you want to browse the internet.

    Either of these features will prevent mums dads, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters and so called mates from updating your Wii.
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