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Thread: Surprise for Online Wii Users Imminent

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    Quote Originally Posted by drewsy View Post
    I bought a Wii in May and through the help of members on this site I was able to modify it back in July. Since then I've enjoyed playing the games and never experienced an issue

    I recently backed up two games though and got the 001 error - unauthorized device detected. I came back to this website to see what I need to do to get around this error. I believe the remedy was to update the CIOS. A link was given to this posting


    So I broke out my memory card which I hadn't toughed since I last modified the Wii and downloaded the zip file from the above link/

    Well, before updating the CIOS I went to the Wii Shopping Channel and in order to view it I had to update it. After updating I tried to update the CIOS following the instructions on the above link. However, when I go into SD card section under channels in data management the connets of the card were not being read so I couldn't see it on screen. I just get a screen the boxes and the first one has a question mark in it. I rebooted and noticed that the Homebrew Channel is missing and that neither the backup channel nor backup launcher will read my backup discs.

    I then searched and found this page talking about something Nintendo maybe trying to block mods through an update of some kind.

    I am not the most tech savy person, but could someone explain to me what may have happened here. I think the update is preventing the SD card from being read. Or maybe I did something wrong.

    Can someone please tell me how to fix this?
    Hmm... I might be wrong, but shouldn't this be in a different thread? Not general Wii Talk...? xD And to answer your question, Never update stuff on the Wii using Nintendo's method. You f***** yourself now =[
    All I can say is good luck finding an answer, but in the future, don't update the shop channel through Nintendo...

    And please, before creating a thread based on a problem you have, take 2 seconds to acknowledge the "Search" button to see if your problem has already been solved.  1943

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