When I first bought my wii, I was playing via the originals, so on the normal disk loading screen, you would see the picture of the game and some music before you load it. You would also see the picture of the game on the channel.

Then I installed homebrew, and started playing via my game backups through the backup launcher. As expected, the image and sound do not load on the original channel, and the disk cannot be loaded via there.

So it struck me as very odd today when I put in my Wii Sports Resort backup. I had just installed a few things to try to fix the error 002 (which I eventually did using NeoGamma and an alternative dol to load the video), when the original system channel had the Wii Sports Resort picture on it, and when you click on it, had the Wii Sports Resort music on it!

I restarted the Wii, and then it refused to do this again.

How and why did this happen? Can I make it happen permanently?