Sorry for all the questions but i think it's fun getting to know other people and the only way to do it over the net is by asking questions.

But I do like your name, sounds very cool. And you don't have to be embarressed or worry about the amount of time you spend in front of the computer - that's nothing! There's 24 hours per day and make sure you enjoy every minute, no matter how. You don't have to feel bad or explain anything to anyone as long as you enjoy what you do. After all it's your time and your life and you know what's best for you. Who am I or anyone else to judge?

Regarding Microsoft - did you see their pressconference at E3? Man, that was awesome (Natal) whether you like them or not! But I share some of your resentment - everything I've bought with the name Microsoft has broken or been damaged in one way or another. Shitproducts! Even my XO. But hopefully something good comes out of Natal, seemed so awesome!

And sorry for the delay, we had a break-in in our house on saturday when i was at my cousins wedding and when we came back we saw the glass broken. Went inside and everything, absolutely everything was upside down. Called the police but they SUCK here in sweden! Checked our stuff and they stole money, jewelry, my phone, consoles, computers and other stuff too so I've borrowed one at the moment.

Feels like a rape in some ways, very violating and disturbing. Ah well, thank god I wasn't at home. I have done surgery to my foot and was seriously thinking about not going but had i stayed home...I think anything could have happened to me since i can't defend myself while lying down and they had hammers and such stuff on them.

We'll see what happens next...

And if you don't like cold weather...don't even think about coming here. It's summer here and it's only 14 degrees C. It sucks royal ass!