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Thread: Cannot install Wads from SD card - Keep erroring out

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    Ok I think I fixed it properly. I've only tested this on my 3.2U wii so far...but I found and downloaded CIOS36-64-v3608 on its own, applied it to the wad folder, and manually installed it like the rest of the ios's in the 'Softmod any Wii' guide. Automatically doing them all wouldn't work for some reason. Anyhoo, got to the end, tested a game and it works. My only issue now is, the Neogamma provided in that guide must be kept on a SD card that must remain in the system at all times to load, because a proper channel isnt out yet. If that's the case, it's fine...just hope the little ones don't get too confused how to load the games now! Haha!

    If things go terribly wrong on the 4.1U system, I'll check back, otherwise I think I'm good. Thanks to all that showed their help. It is very much appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sigbro View Post
    Since the Wii's have been previously modded, and homebrew is already on my Wiis, I figured I would follow this section, since it says, "If you already have a softmod with HBC installed,

    To go back, I'm not even sure why these Wii's stopped playing backup games or retail discs. I've considered the fact that the lasers may have burned out, but it's somewhat coincidental that both would go out at the same time.

    Also worth noting, I set up both Wii's so they don't receive any updates via disc or net, so I would like to think that no updates did trickle through...then again you never know.
    If your not sure whats happenned and you have HBC you should be using and save your sys checks, I list and save in a folder named (LEH***********) then i can check if the unit ever finds it's way back to me,With a complaint My games won't play any more... You will be able to see if "N update has stubbed you"
    If you have HBC you only need the mod pack for your region from Maui's guide. Once you have installed all wads, check and reinstall latest priloader. It works for me ( just done two this morning) If you are using Maui's guide how come you are not ending up with a version 4.1 stable installation.
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