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Thread: MMM is reverting back to IOS 236

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    The version of USB Loader GX that I am using is 2.3 r1123.

    I was able to change the IOS in MMM to 249 in the mmmconfig file, thanks Shano.

    My ultimate goal is to be able to play a few wiiware games on the usb drive. Everything works great, wii games on usb, except wiiware on usb. Would it be possible to just put everything on SD into USB (apps folder ect) and use USB instead of using SD altogether? I think this may solve my problem. I previously followed the guides here to convert wiiware to usb with wad2iso and then placed the folders, that were created, into the root of the usb, but it didn't play the wiiware games. The 7 Wii games that we bought and then brought to USB drive work great, its just the wiiware on the usb.

    Thanks guys,


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