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Thread: BootMii wasnt installed to Boot2 but as an IOS , can i now install it to Boot2 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by narse1979 View Post
    If you have a boot2 v4 wii then IOS is the only way...
    Not true. The ability to install BootMii as boot2 depends on the installed boot1 version, not boot2. Even if boot2v4 is installed and you still have the old boot1 you can still instal BMb2. If your Wii came with boot2v4, then you're stuck with BootMii IOS only.

    Quote Originally Posted by megabytz View Post
    My wii wasnt originally daughter updated it to that, but the system is from 2006. l have 2 identical ones and also a 2006 red wii that has the gc2-d4...havent touched that one...wish l could mod it the same way, but l believe l can put the wii lm using on l have to downgrade to 4.1 for it to go on boot2? The package l used to install homebrew, bootmii was set to only give the option of it being installed as ios and said l could reinstall it as boot 2 later. thats all good, but l like to screw with things and for me it would be smarter to be on boot 2, lol
    Your red Wii isn't from 2006 (unless you changed the shell).
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    [16:26:41] feel free to quote me on that.

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    wel l decided to leave my bootmii issue alone and went ahead n modded the system. the only problem l have now is my dvd disk arent recognized. Its playing burned games and working everything else as expected. This is definetly an older wii and l have it at 4.1 now from 3.4

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