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Thread: Can no longer play games from USB drive

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    When I first started trying to hack my Wii I tried a few different guides. I am pretty sure that I followed Mauifrog but I think I skipped two steps - the NAND backup and the Priiloader step - that is obviously causing me pain now. But what is the point of reloading HBC when that is obviously working?

    Sorry if this is a really stupid question but the NAND backup step talks about a gc-controller and a reset button. I assume that I a gc controller is a Nintendo GameCube controller. But where is the reset button on the Wii?

    edit - Never mind I am blind and an idiot. The reset button is right beside the power button.
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    Reset button is directly below the power button.

    The reason for reinstalling HBC is to ensure it is running on IOS58. Some of the newer apps require this. You can just start at Chapter 2, but your HBC may not be running on IOS58. Reinstalling HBC is the only way to get it to run on IOS58. It would save us both the trouble of having to diagnose issues with apps that require this. Make sense?

    EDIT: Go to HBC and then press 1. At the top it will tell you what IOS it runs from. If it says 1.0.8 IOS58 you can start at chapter 2. If it says IOS61 or anything else start from the beginning of the guide.

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    Jesus, it said right in the guide the purpose of Priiloader. What did you think was going to happen if you didn't install update protection?

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