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Thread: no vulnerable or usable ios

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    Right i put this pack together (Credit to Maui for the wads and apps)

    1. (i.) Download and extract this pack to sd card (make sure the card is formatted to fat32. Full format)
    (ii.)Get your LetterBomb files and extract them to your computer.
    (iii.)Copy and paste the Private folder from the LetterBomb folder and paste it to the root of the SD Card ( It will ask you if you want to over write) Say YES...

    (2.) Stick it in your wii sd card slot.
    (3.) On the System Menu click on the letter symbol bottom right.
    If there is no letterbomb there! Use the minus button and scroll back through the dates until you find it.

    4.) When it appears click on it. Letterbomb will load Multi Mod Manager

    Now follow Mauis instructions here

    Part 2- Load patched cios
    Once Multi-Mod Manager loads, select "Reload another ios"
    You need to choose an ios with patches, usually ios250, perhaps 222/223, 236, 36
    If you don't know what ios is patched, run syscheck from the App Manager of MMM.
    Syscheck will tell you what ios have patches, if you need help post the syscheck.cvs file with your request.
    Load your patched cios

    Part 3- Uninstall ios58
    Select "Wad Manager"
    Select ios58 wad
    UNINSTALL ios58 wad
    If ios58 wad fails to uninstall, press B to go back to the main menu
    Select ios manager, select ios58, press - to delete ios58- go back to wad manager

    Part 4- Install ios files
    After you have removed ios58, load the wad manger in MMM
    Press 1 to install all wads, Press A,
    Ios236, 36, 30, 31, 33, 34, 35 should install without error
    If you get error after IOS236 installs, reload MMM with ios236 and try again
    Once the wads have installed without error, Press any button
    Now press 2 to load the App Manager

    Part 5- Load Hackmii Installer
    You should be in the MMM App Manager
    Launch the Hackmii Installer
    Hackmii installer should load without issue or error.
    Install HBC, and Bootmii, prepare your sd card and make a nand backup.
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    Awesome Narse! Should probably let Maui know so he can add it as an alternative to his guide.

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    No just the same

    it loads then i get (valid elf image, then press 1 and next screen (no vulnerable or usable ios).......... SUCK IT.... EXIT
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