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Thread: Letterbomb has me over a barrel

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    I just did another letterbomb on a red 4.3u. The date was right and again the bomb wasn't there. I backed up the save files and formatted the Wii. Then the bomb cleavage was there in yesterday's messages

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    Oh well, that wasn't a complete fix. It did work, I finally got my Letterbomb, by not using Linux. I was thrilled, what an ordeal. The directions are so wishy washy. They just say to load it it, and have a cup of tea. Welllllll, there is a BIT more to it. You have to install a few things: like BootMii, for instance. the directions kinda leave you hanging there. I suppose if yer "in the know", you would've known to do this. I didn't. There's something else too, but I don't remember what it was. Its a choice during the setup, I'd reccommend that you do this, I suppose. Everything was for not though, IT STILL DOESN"T WORK!!! Baby steps, I suppose. Now, I have the Homebrew channel. when you click on it, you get pretty music, and bubbles. You think that something's loading; but, don't wait too long, its waiting for you to do something. It wants you to click on the menu button. Do that. Now, you have some options. If you've made the effort an dropped a torrent file on a thumb drive, as I did, then you should be able to click on the USB loader and launch yer file, but that's just not happenin for me. Why would it? I figured that it may need some kind of a boot file. I pulled out the SD card, and the thumb drive, popped them back into the computer, the Linux one, and dropped the boot file onto the thumb drive. I reloaded the thumb drive and the SD card and then it got hung.

    There's really a lot of information lost in the directions due to assumptions. I'm gonna mess with it more tommorrow. I guess I'll try more stuff w/o the Linux, and try copying the torrent to the thum drive with Windows.

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    Letterbomb is an exploit to install hbc. If you were following the softmod any wii guide (linked in my signature) you would have been given full instructions on what to do next. Just having HBC is not going to do much for you. Those pretty bubbles are waiting to be popped. If you had read our rules you would know that mentioning pirated material would get your thread closed too.

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