Follow Maui's guide, nand back up & priiloader, Then maybe update cios 249 to 20/21, use CFG forwarder 65, Check out and set up your Hard drive, Use Hacks in priloader to boot straight to wii menu, Block Disk & online updates. Make sure you then remove SD card, You have all the files you need on the root of hard drive, I use this system for kids, My granchildren are 2 & 6 they love it, Switch on Wii, Clic "A" on CFG click "A" on start, Point remote left / Right to see your favourite game, click "A" "A" "A" And play, they love it. Remember to give your kids some credit, They learn faster than you think. I have a Downs Brother & an Autistc Friend who can use this,
Do some reserch it's all in the links supplied by your welcome Moderator.