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Thread: HDD cannot be read by WBFS Manager, even on Disk Manager...

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    i put the WAD file on the root and the installation went smoothly. but if i open the WiiFlow, the black screen persists... then i check the HBC, i pressed home button and the infos "network not initialized", "1.0.7" and "IOS61 v22.29" is shown. If i run D2X Installer once again, it shows the current IOS which is "61 v5661".what should i do to make the WiiFlow work again?

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    Glad you got it working as for the wiiflow black screen, I'm not familiar with wiiflow (yet. I gotta get my hands dirty for my own troubleshooting). I know that others have had the black screen problem, though, so I know there's a few threads on here about it.

    [EDIT] I think v5661 is the most recent version, but I'm not sure. I updated all my stuff a few months ago and v5661 was the current, so its at least close to up-to-date..
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