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Thread: MyMenuify Themes

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    Thank you both. I take everything you say into heart. I'll probably look into SNEEK/ UNEEK.

    Priiloader removed in many instances with verified themes...that's very frustrating. That saddens me greatly. Well, I'll have my eye out for the new safety system that gives Bootmii as boot2 a run for its money, if it every arises, and it probably won't.

    Well, thank you BluPhant and junkmail for getting back to me. I have hit you both with a "Thank You" button.


    I have a question about the compatibility of mym files; just how universal are they across system menus? I know they are region specific. I believe they are somewhat specific to system menu version.

    Lastly, has anyone thought to give Priiloader the function of loading .app/.csm files? It would be a really safe and easy way to apply system menu themes! No permanent changes - if Priiloader could just read any such file off of an SD card, it could be done so easily. This is just an idea of course. Does anyone know of an appropriate area on this site I may be able to seriously suggest this. It would be really neat if this actually got the author's attention.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chyron8472 View Post
    Hi all.

    I'm having quite a bit of trouble locating Mymenuify themes for my System Menu.
    It would seem that half the places I have located on the subject link to, which is down; while the the other half are links to wad files or people being told off for being too nooby.

    btw: I have System Menu 4.3u, Priiloader, HBC and BootMii as IOS.

    I'm not too keen on using wads to change my System Menu theme if I can avoid it, as doing so apparently removes access to Priiloader.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a good location where I can find System Menu themes which can be installed via MyMenuify?
    modmii is a great way to download sm themes no matter your wiis system menu version

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