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Thread: Replace mauifrog Patched 4.1 System Menu With Original 4.1 System Menu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krafter View Post
    Install v6174 and NOT v6400!!!! IOS60v6400 is a stub and you will brick if you install it.

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    Luckily for me, That's the one I installed Thanks none the less.

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    strategizer can you help i am a member who has followed mauifrog's awesome guide, but downgraded from system menu 4.3 to patched system menu 4.1 through mauifrog's guide... recently ive been finding some glitches in the patched menu and i am starting to dislike it. so if i follow the nus downloader thing and install ios60v6174 will it get rid of my homebrew channel? will i brick my wii? will i still be able to play backups? if you could tell me this i would be so happy, any advice would be great thanks

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