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Thread: Wii has become slow!

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    Wii has become slow!


    I posted a long time ago, asking if I could update my wii to 4.3 because the donkey kong game wanted to.(I was and still am on 4.2) I got told that I had to replace some IOS's and use priiloader to block disc updates.This would probably SPOOF 4.3 I guess. This is what I did, but the point is.

    My Wii is a mess rightnow,

    I've had Darkcorp (full) on it and after that replaced a dozen of cIOS's to fix issue's that all didnt work.
    Then I did what the other guy told me, to replace the ios's to spoof update to 4.3.
    In the process I dont have my NAND backups from before I started hacking and my wii Refuses to update...
    I believe that because my wii is a mess it has become slow and sluggish. There is about 1/4th of a second delay between the pointer on the home screen and the wiimote...

    Also when playing games, in SSBB actions happen about half a sec later, and in Guitar hero i can hit the notes, but the little flame that comes on top of them is as well about half a sec to 1/4th of a sec late...

    This is extremely annoying, and I just want my wii completely vanilla again. Since I dont really use burnt games, i dont need the darkcorp/ any of that stuff... I just want my wii updated to 4.3 with everything vanilla,

    Is there someone that could please tell me how?

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    The best advice I can give you is to go with MauiFrogs Any Wii guide and start over. This pretty much updates everything to where it needs to be and will bring you back to 4.1. Darkcorp is not generally recommended, unless you really completely understand all the implications, and if you're not using burned titles, theres no need for it.

    4.3 doesnt buy you ANYTHING at all over 4.1 or 4.2. Its sole purpose is to defeat homebrew. There are a couple of new IOSes that are included with it, but they are also included in Maui's guide.

    Read the guide, do the WHOLE thing, dont skip any steps. You can start with the "homebrew channel already installed" option.


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