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Thread: HELP!!! Guitar Hero 6 not working after updating old softmod

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    ITS WORKING.....
    except the mic don't know why
    but the guitar and drums are working fine.
    Just used the Neo Gamma ios switcher and changed the IOS to 248.
    but the mic doesn't. anyone know what can be the problem I have connected it to the USB port and did a mic check in the game but it still says connect a logitech USB mic. the one I have is a official guitar hero redoctane mic...
    Please any suggestions?

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    You could try putting cios 248 as base 57 that's war gets the games with mic not detected working

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    Band Hero Stopped working after installing d2x update

    I installed the d2x update wads using wad manager 3.0 and updated my GX loader all trying to get Zelda Skyward Sword working. Now I get the black screen issue with band hero again even though I am using the cIOS 223. Band hero worked fine before. I have tried reinstalling 223 but have had no luck. I still cannot get Skyward sword to work either. Every time i try to load it causes teh entire Wii to reboot. I would love to be able to get all of them working, but I would be happy if anyone could help me just get back to the Band hero and any other games I seem to have broken. Thanks.

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