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Thread: Upgrade to 4.3U fixed USB, but broke wads. Is there a workaround??

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    All of you guys are being kinda rude and condescending and I don't appreciate it. Can you please explain how this is supposedly going to damage my wii in the future if it's working fine now and I don't do any other mods to it from here on out. I am aware that all darkcorp does is play back ups, what I needed the wad for was to load backup launcher channel which I couldn't do without wad manager, now I don't need that. Resoftmodding seems a lot more dangerous then leaving things as is since they are currently working just fine. If you're going to insist I do something so drastic I would appreciate more supportive reasoning then you think I'm an idiot. Thanks

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    No one said you were an idiot.. I think you are taking everything the wrong way and getting worked up.... the IOS's and cIOS's that are stubbed are used for some games and also apps/ and channels.. you WILL come across compatibility issues in the future.. people were just letting you know the best course of action to take. and there is no danger in re softmodding if you follow the guide to a T. but if you feel its better the way it is then leave it by all means.. It is in fact YOUR wii..

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    You need to re-softmod.... PERIOD!!!

    Look up our guide and resoftmod....

    /thread closed

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