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Thread: WiiMC, DVD ISOs, & Fat32 filesize limit

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    WiiMC, DVD ISOs, & Fat32 filesize limit

    Hi everyone. I use an old xbox and xbmc for my DVD player currently but the optical drive in it is beginning to fail. I have a newer wii so I can't use that for playing DVDs but I have read that it can mount DVD ISOs. My issue is that my USB hard drive is formatted fat32. Does anyone know if it is possible to split large ISOs so I can load them up in WiiMC from my hard drive?

    I just got a new box-set of the Six Feet Under series but can't watch it right now.

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    Extract the iso to a video_ts, I believe winrar and 7zip can do this. I'm not sure if WiiMC can playback a video_ts folder as it were a dvd movie... If that doesn't work then you can extract the 1gb .vob files from the video_ts folder.


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