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Thread: Black loads on many games, going to hurt this thing!!

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    Cool with me if you guys want to continue I think I got what I needed and thank you for your help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by party01 View Post
    Cool with me if you guys want to continue I think I got what I needed and thank you for your help.
    Unless someone has a ruler (and I'm game if you do), I think the disagreement between me and Cile is over.
    "Macs are the Perfect Computers," said the Perfect Idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoostinOnline View Post
    Lol, please stop trying to make this an argument. I have told you several times that I personally like to have rev17 in 249 and rev20+ with all bases in slots 245,246,247,248, and 250. For the sake of ending this, let's say that my choice to have rev17 in 249 is completely without logic. Does that have a negative affect on anyone? I can still use any version of rev21 for USB loading, and you won't be using my console.

    This whole thing is like you trying to convince me my favorite color should be red instead of blue.
    I simply wanted to know what he was talking about...
    apps compatibility
    and to list one the apps he said required it in slot 249....
    It was wrong info on Joostin's part....
    Never an issue on what you do or what you install on your wii ...doesnt interest me one bit....

    OP if you have any problems feel free to PM and i help if i can....Sorry for hijacking your thread

    ------ Thread Closed -----
    OP resolved his issue

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