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Thread: Unhacking a Wii that has disabled download updates and disc updates... help?

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    Guys, I don't have anything against him or the forum or searching for the right answer. (I searched mine for almost 3-4 hours,maybe i wasn't searching right). The main poster wanted to update his wii with regular N updates, I came across a post that shows how to virginize the wii and get the regular N updates . I posted the reply to the poster. This helpful action of mine got me the reply "accepting an update simply to play a game = FAIL, FAIL, FAIL". Now did I ask him if i am right or wrong, No ... I just wanted to help the guy who asked the question. Please tell me what did i do wrong to get the above comment from a Moderator ???

    @JoostinOnline, @shift: I will definitely try that ... I personally feel its more fun hacking than playing games on wii . thanks for the information
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    Quote Originally Posted by sujittv View Post


    @JoostinOnline, @shift: I will definitely try that ... I personally feel its more fun hacking than playing games on wii . thanks for the information
    Well, heres the situation.. the term/procedure/action of "virginize/virginizing" the wii is frowned upon. you can never actually truly clear EVERYTHING out of the wii.. You can also brick your wii doing it wrong. also Excepting the "official" nintendo updates is frowned upon because of the stubs and the IOS's that get put in place/changed. I myself have been at fault for suggesting that. in my statement I was simply saying what I said because the way you were going about it was wrong.. you didnt need to ask if you were right or wrong, he's a mod and if your wrong he is going to correct you. once again.. I have had that happen also. I also took the wrong approach to it and thought a lot about how I reacted. I was told this "If you plan on helping or giving advice you need to be prepared to be corrected when you are wrong" (not word for word but close enough) Dont let this discourage you. keep learning and trying to help. just try to research a little before leading someone in the wrong direction.

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