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Thread: Wii 4.3u Soft Mod Hard Drive No Longer Loads Games

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    You sure do keep adding information to the problem, all of which may be an answer to your problem. Do you have anymore additions you would like to add.
    no no more info that I can think of ... wait i lied, why i think it is an ios problem, when i start the regular configurable usb loader that the soft mod'ing guide has you install at the bottom it used to say 249, but now it says 249 [FRAG] and a couple times it had said 249 and 250 [FRAG] so I was wondering does this mean fragmented? I am sorry if I keep forgetting helpful information, however it is very late here and been a long frustrating day when you have 9 kids that can't play the wii

    1. you have a wii key fusion, that is a hard mod, and will play your backups without softmodding
    2. you have softmodded, why are you trying to use the wii key fusion?
    3. what is this gator you speak of
    1 and 2: the wii key fusion was to hard for my wife and kids to use, wiiflow was much easier, and the wii key fusion needs an sd card that is very limited in size, i had some 500gb hard drives laying around, so again it was easier for a soft mod
    3. i do not know what wii gator is, i was assuming it was something that installed when i soft mod'ed my wii as it was never there before and not letting me access the wii key fusion sd drive now, any programs that i can use to remove it to start over?
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