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Thread: cIOS 249 base 57 v19

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    cIOS 249 base 57 v19

    System Firmware = 4.2U

    I recently got Call of Duty Black Ops. I've used USB Loader GX for quite some time with other games, but I haven't really gotten into hacking my Wii for like six months or so. Anyway, the problem that I had was that when I try to run Call of Duty Black Ops on USB Loader GX, it freezes at the "Loading..." screen. I read up, watched, and observed guides and videos. From what I gather I need to install cIOS 249 base 57 rev20. (That's what I read, but in a video, it showed v19 which I assume rev19. I couldn't find rev20) Before this I did some updates for HBC and BootMii, backed up my NAND and etc. I tried to install the WAD file for the cIOS I needed on both IOS 36 and 61. I thought IOS 36 because I remembered that's where I did some hacking a while back or whatever. It didn't work, I got Error: ret = -1035, so I figured I had the wrong IOS. I realized that the Homebrew channel was running IOS 61, so I tried that. I got Error: ret = -2011. I think it has to do with the fact that I'm running system firmware 4.2. What should I do?

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    Install it using IOS249 or IOS250. We have a guide for this game...if you have more questions they should go in the guide thread (after reading the guide).
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