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Thread: HELP - An error has occured - Madden 2011 NTSC

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    Cool HELP - An error has occured - Madden 2011 NTSC

    Greetings all!
    I have been spending most my day going through forum posts on this site and google to solve this problem:
    'An error has occurred please press the eject button and remove the disk. turn the wii console off and refer to the manual'

    The game is madden 2011 NTSC.

    I am using a soft modded Wii with a maxtor 160gb hard drive. All my other games on my hard drive work fine except for this. The error message pops up straight away as soon as i begin madden.
    I have re-formated my hard drive, updated usb loader x, checked for region problems and nothing!

    Anyone please know!!
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    you could give a little bit more info on how your softmod set up looks like, which cIOS you try to use, already tried a different? 250->249->222->223 ?
    How to post a syscheck: Instructions here

    usbloader x is what? usbloader gx??

    already tried a different/better loader like cfg usbloader or wiiflow (also linked below)
    Guide: Installing CFG Loader

    reformartted means again to wbfs format or already switched to Fat32 loading ? how old is your wii, maybe you can also try to burn the game to a verbatim -R disc (if your wii is capable of playing burned media)

    re-check videosettings, and force your wiis region signal, ntsc i guess.
    made your mind up about a bad rip/dump? re-dumping from the original game using something else than gx could help as well.

    good luck for now

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