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Thread: Virginize the 4.3U System Menu

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    Virginize the 4.3U System Menu

    Hello all,

    I have perused the threads but found nothing that will help me so far. Here is the deal. STUPID me decided to buy Metroid Other M, then, without thinking, did the system update required to play the game, which destroyed by ability to use USB Loader GX. What it now comes down to, after all the guides I have tried, is that I need to virginize my Wii to a system menu of 4.1, so I can then remod my Wii and make it compatible again with all my apps. Is there a TRUSTED, WORKING system yet established for doing this(that is, taking a 4.3U system and making it a 4.1)? My main issue is that I need to delete IOS 222, 223, 249, and 250, but apparently this update blocks me from deleting them.... help me please.


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    Um, if your Wii is @ 4.3, you'll have to follow mauifrog's guide. Why on earth would you want to "make it a virgin" and then downgrade to 4.1? Once you're @ 4.3, you must do the 4.3 guide --- PERIOD. There is an option to downgrade once you've successfully completed his guide (it's in the guide). Have you posted an Intro post yet in the Introductions section of the site? It'd sure help you...


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