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Thread: Will my Soft Modded 4.1e wii brick by updating with Mario Galaxy 2 to 4.2e?

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    OK I figured out how to get my channels working.
    Probably a bug due to Soft Mod Co-Op with the Wiikey Fusion. However in my particular case I must first let the
    disk channel load a game whether it be burned or official. I then eject the game. Only then do I start a channel.

    If I eject the disk and then reboot it doesn't work. The eject has to occur just before I load any channel.
    Hopefully by leaving this here people who end up with my particular problem are able to fix it as I did.

    (I tested this on all 15 of my channels over and over until I was sure it was the method)

    haha Thank me if this helps any of you out there
    (Probably a unique error for people who have Wiikey fusion tho)
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