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Thread: System Menu. Used Priiloader to set autoboot to USB Loader GX. System menu corrupted.

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    System Menu. Used Priiloader to set autoboot to USB Loader GX. System menu corrupted.


    I ran into a little problem after successfully hacking a Wii 4.3u.

    I used Mauifrogs 4.3 softmod guide and only used downloads that were linked to in that thread to hack this Wii. Actually this is the 3rd Wii I have used that guide on and can't thank Mauifrog and this community enough. Great stuff.

    To the best of my ability to relate, this is what I did.

    After successfully hacking this Wii and testing the functionality I thought that I'd try letting the Wii autoboot to the USB Loader GX through the Priiloader settings menu. That part actually works really well. I also set the 'return to' option as installed file as well.

    After doing this and rebooting the Wii I realized that it wasn't the greatest idea to not return to the Wii home menu and set the 'return to' back to system menu.

    After returning to USB Loader GX then choosing the Wii menu I was back to Priiloader... hmmm.

    So I rebooted back to USB Loader GX, got back into Priiloader and reset the autoboot back to system menu as well, then rebooted again.

    I was surprised to see Priiloader immediately on boot, no normal wii screens at all.

    There was this error near the bottom of the Priiloader menu.

    "Error autobooting systemmenu!
    The going to load Ios was detected as stub!" [sic]

    Also the homebrew Channel would not launch through Priiloader. Here is that error.

    "Error autobooting HBC. Maybe title not installed?"

    Bootmii still works, this is a newer wii and I could not load bootmii as boot2. It is an ios.

    So I searched and decided that I should try to re-install the system menu. So I used NusD, grabbed the 4.3u, made a wad, got into the homebrew using the USB Loader GX Homebrew launcher and used WAD Manager_v1.4.

    This gave me another error,

    "Installing content s12... ERROR! (ret = -1022)" At least that's what I think I read... If wrong, sorry. Crappy resolution.

    That was an "OH NO!" moment to be sure, but as it turns out maybe not so bad.
    It didn't really seem to change anything except the error in Priiloader when loading the system menu.
    Now I get this error.

    "Error autobooting system menu!
    Could not open boot file!"

    USB Loader GX still works fine. The homebrew browser is still dead along with the system menu. I can still get into the Homebrew Launcher through GXLoader.


    From Priiloaders launch title I can get to -

    USB Loader GX (works)
    Neogamma Channel (works)
    Loadmii (works)
    Homebrew Channel (BROKE)
    Internet Channel (works)
    Check Mii Out Channel (works)
    News Channel (works)
    another News channel (BROKE)
    Wii Shop Channel (works)
    Forecast Channel (works)
    another Forecast Channel (BROKE)
    Photo Channel (works)
    iG9HAYA (WhiteScreen?)
    Mii Channel (works)

    The wireless connection is not configured so I marked the network dependant apps as working if they pulled up anything relevant. As opposed to say a black screen or a white screen. The ones marked broke all went to black screen.

    I really hate bugging you guys about this and I promise I searched the web, used goggle and read thread after thread for over 5 hours ( 3:30a.m. and I'm a midnight kinda guy.) trying to get to the bottom of this. Maybe the search keywords that I chose were poor or I could just be inept at searching, but I can't find anyone anywhere with this same or similar-enough issue to feel somewhat safe about going forward. I don't guess I need the system menu. Or the Homebrew channel. But I was just starting to have fun with Homebrew and it would be great too get either of those back.

    My crazy ideas;
    -Possibly an update using a disc. Even though I see warnings everywhere against this.
    -Maybe go ahead with a NAND restore through Bootmii even though it gives one of the strongest warnings against doing something that I have ever seen. Again no Boot2. I do have the key and backup NAND. For what that is worth.
    -Perhaps leave it alone and enjoy my backups

    Hopefully I have remembered to include everything I am supposed to. At this point I am almost in a state of fugue and could easily have forgot something basic, if so please forgive me and feel free to instruct me on the correct way to post without omitting important details if necessary. I'll learn fast.

    Stopping now while I have a Wii that plays games and waiting until I get some advise seems like my best idea yet. I look forward to any help.

    And Thanks in advance. JdgM3NT4L.

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    ok i cant help much but the hbc problem i have had, it happend when i updated hbc, but then i updated priiloader to 0.5 rev99 and it fixed the autoboot to hbc problem but as it turns out that version of priiloader has been removed due to a installation problem butthey wil fix it and release it so for now you will have to wait,

    ^^^^^^^^pimpness from the mighty bmarlo ^^^^^^^^

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    Just a fast update. I got her going again.

    Thanks robgee789 for your thoughts.

    The only thing I did differently, and I am not sure if it even mattered, was I went to the extras tab on the NusD and chose emulate then chose USA. After that I re downloaded the 4.3u and got a wad that was named 'RVL-WiiSystemmenu-v513.wad'. An entirely different name from the first one that I used which was 'System Menu-NUS-v513.wad'.

    Thanks to everyone who looked, hope that no one put any or much time into this one.



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