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Thread: Upgrading from 4.1 to 4.2/4.3

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    Upgrading from 4.1 to 4.2/4.3

    Hi all!

    I'm looking for a little bit of advice here. My Wii is currently on System Menu 4.1 and is softmodded, however I'm looking to update to 4.2 or 4.3 in order to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid Other M. I've put in the Super Mario Galaxy 2 disc, but it doesn't launch, and from a quick Google it seems to require System Menu 4.2 or above, and I'm assuming Metroid likely will need 4.2 or 4.3 aswell.

    I've taken a quick look at the tutorials, but they all seem to be how to softmod your Wii if it's already on the latest System Menu version. I had a look at the "Updating from your old Softmod!" but I think I got a little lost in trying to read through it. Does the pack it mentions for downloading assist me in updating my System Menu version? Will it do anything to my already existing Softmods? Will I need to re-install my USB Loaders?

    Sorry if the questions sound basic, but I modded my Wii a good while back now and I'm still not totally sure how I did it. In all honesty I was slightly tipsy at the time --.--;;

    If anyone can offer any idiot-proof advice though it would be very much appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lagamorph View Post
    If anyone can offer any idiot-proof advice though it would be very much appreciated!
    1. First-time users are asked to make their initial post in the Introduction section of the site;
    2. I'm guessing you never heard of Priiloader?
    3. No game in the world requires a specific System Menu, but rather games are IOS-driven (or cIOS, depending).
    4. We have guides for both of these games.


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