So I got the actual hack installed and all the GH5 DLC was checked for download but I kept getting that nasty error. So I then proceeded to install cIOS56-64-v5146-rev14. I tried the installer app but that just kept giving me an error and I got the same problem with MMM and YAWMM (I believe 1.7) (it kept cutting out at cotent 9/15 with and error). So I decided to boot up the game and nothing happened it just sat at a black screen. I then unstalled the GH5 DLC hack and cIOS56 but it's the same thing. Other games work (as in, they get past the black screen after launch). So first off, I need to get the disc working, then I need to get the hack working. I know there's a huge thread for this on here but I just couldn't find my answer there.