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Thread: re-virgin wii help

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    re-virgin wii help

    ok, so ages ago i tried modding my wii (i believe at the time it was at 3.2E), but it didnt work right, and it was only like half modded or something. now someone else tried using it and tried updating to the latest firmware and got an error, the sys menu says its at 4.3E but it clearly isnt. so i tried a system format and tried the update again myself, but yea still didnt work. so now i want to try make my wii a virgin again, but following the guide in the forum i had trouble as i dont hav any of the homebrew channel etc on the wii anymore, when i try and softmod again, by either the 3.1-4.1 or the 4.2 method it wont work at all. can anyone help? (sorry if it isnt explained very well!)


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    If it says it's 4.3, then it's 4.3 --- "clearly isn't" is only a form of denial. Mauifrog's got a 4.3 guide, I suggest you read and follow it.


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