Hey guys, I just recently got a black Wii runs Rev937 IOS249 (Rev 17) on 4.2u and it's NTSC, an American console. I've followed ShadowSonic2's softmod guide (http://www.wiihacks.com/recommended-...y-4-2-wii.html). The problem is that it's taking a very long time to load most of the games. The only game that works on normal speed is Donkey Kong JungleBeat (although it starts to slow down later on) and PoP (that game doesn't get past the credits, but I understand that's a general problem that I will find later) . Every other game has an extremely long loading time. I've also noticed that the DVD drive lights blue when selecting a game or when a game starts to load and sometimes it'll flicker too. Some will just hang at the Heath Screen, some will freeze after I give it the command to boot, and some won't even give me the option to boot. I've made sure that my hard drive is compatible. I've also installed cIOS 222/223 then selected the settings to use IOS 222 and 223. I've read to set cIOS 222/223 to default and I assume that's what it meant. I've also tried out several other USB Loaders and they all act the same. Wiiflow clams that it's having a problem reading all the discs except for Donkey Kong Any idea on how to solve this? Any help is appreciated