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Thread: Homebrew Channel features

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    Homebrew Channel features


    I'm new to Wii mod stuff. I've looked here and other places and am thinking of trying out softmod through the Homebrew Channel. But, it's not all that clear what I can achieve through it. These are the features I'm looking for. Would I be able do do these using the Homebrew Channel?

    1. Make Wii region free (load original Wii & GC games from different regions)
    2. Play Wii and GC legal backup DVDs (from different regions)
    3. Play Wii and GC games from SD Card/USB drive (from different regions)


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    1 and 2) yes using neogamma.
    3) You can only play GC games from HDD if you buy a wode and install it.

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    Probably been posted to death but as I have only started playing with homebrew over the last few days, here are a couple of nice programs to highlight some of the capabilities.

    First off we have WiiMC, a pretty damn nice media player for the wii (I was watching Family Guy on a video share stream last night, not great but certainly watchable). It also plays Music (mp3/shoutcast), Video, DVD's (with ios 202 installed, you can grab it at the bottom of the page).

    Link: WiiMC

    Other nice util is a proper GUI .wad installer that works on 4.3 without errors. Very useful for all things homebrew and other.

    Link: yawmm - Project Hosting on Google Code

    As I said, there is a distinct possibility that both these proggy's have been covered to death on these forums, just my tuppence on a really good place to start experimenting with the possibilities of the whole softmod/homebrew scene.

    Cheers Dan.


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