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Thread: Having a problem with game crashing. (Explained inside) lol

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    Having a problem with game crashing. (Explained inside) lol

    Hi! ^o^

    I have already posted my problem on GBAtemp and Afterdawn, but still haven't had my issue resolved. :-( Seems to be a strange one, because I cant find any threads with explainations for it. I wil paste my original post from afterdawn, now:

    First off, I have a PAL Wii, on system 4.2E. I softmodded it a while ago using Larry's guide on here, which was brill! ^o^ Had no problems setting it up with Configurable USB Loader. I also installed Waninkoko's cIOS249 rev19 somewhere along the line also, aswell as hermes 222/223. I think that's it tbh, besides the fact that I don't use burnt disks and I play most my games off retail disks or off USB loader. Also, it's a release console so it's REALLY OLD! lol

    Anywho, I'm having a problem playing Super Mario Galaxy. Not SMG2, but the first one. I was playing through it again to try and get all of the stars as I didn't get them before. This is a retail copy which I'm trying to play btw. I can boot the game fine and play most of it without any problems, except it keeps on crashing and making a loud buzzing sound in the same places everytime I play. I already asked at GBAtemp and nobody there seems to want to help "newbies", aswell as most of them being rude and supplying short answers, which any idiot would have already tried... -_-' Anyway, most of thier responses were, it's the disk you're using or the save data is corrupt. I have since then ruled these possibilities out, as the copy I am using and the save file I have both work perfectly fine and dont crash in said place on a different machine, which lead me to believe that it could be a problem with something I've installed on the system... o.0 It also crashes in the exact same place when played from Configurable USB loader straight from a HDD. I don't have any problems with other games, so I think it's unlikely that it's a hardware fault. As a last resort I created a fresh NAND from Scratch and updated it to 4.2E using Sneek to boot the new NAND and I also injected my SMG save data into it aswell, but still it's crashing in exactly the same place. I don't particularly want to have to dismantle the Wii with it's million screws, so I haven't checked the disk drive or anything, not that I have any spares to test with anyway... :-(

    I know it may seem irrelevant to some people as it's such an old game, but it's really good and I'd like the option to come back to it. Plus, I don't want to run into the same problem later down the line with something else. What's really getting me is, the fact that I've tried everything possible to try and identify what the problem may be, but haven't got anywhere!! >.< I am usually quite good at figuring things out for myself, but this instance is just bizzare... :-S
    i had some suggestions from somebody who was replying, but nothing really helped. I've tried different ways to load the game, but with no joy. I've come to the conclusion, that the problem is not with the software or the disk I'm using or anything else that may seem pretty obvious. I was told that the guys here know their stuff and to see what you guys make of it. It's kind of irritating that i cant seem to work out what the problem. I like to sort things out myself usually, but now I'm just stuck. lol

    There was one thing which was mentioned later on in that thread on afterdawn, which was that I also had a similar problem with the release CoD (number 3 I think) game where it kept crashing in the exact same place, with multiple different disks. This was when I first got the console and nintendo blamed a faulty batch of disks. >.< Could it be possible that my console was faulty to begin with, but hasn't actually got any worse?

    Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated! ^o^
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