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Thread: homebrew quit loading!

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    KY Blue: Use the edit button next time and add or subtract from your post. Unnecessary to do another post to add a piece of information (and against the rules, as can be construed as thread bumping). I added your info to your last post.

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    OK. I found a guide about all the IOS's & what they are for. It said in some places since I'm running 4.2 that I should have a stub there. So I did so. But can someone explain or give me a link that shows what the patches are for & why I would or would not want them on certain IOS's. Also I have 70 since I'm 4.2 but I also have 60 & 50. Should I? I got everything working gaming wise I think. I'm just scared of a brick since I got everything shuffled around so bad. On top of that I got several messages in the last day or so about 4.3. It says something along the lines of unauthorized software. Is that a normal thing. Does everyone get that same message?

    I take back the question about 50 & 60. I had them uninstalled before. Now I have stubs as well as other stubs I had blank. I just want to know about the patches I guess. I might be wrong but 50 & 60 can't have patches as stubbs, right? (sorry away from wii) But what about the rest? Should only 70 & 36 have patches?
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