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Thread: GX Loader Problems

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    GX Loader Problems

    Hello, I'm new to wii hacking. I followed the tutorial on gbatemp here --- LINK TO EXTERNAL/NON-WIIHACKS GUIDE REMOVED --- to softmod my 4.2 wii.

    I also installed the cIOS38 r 17 package. However, when I try to use gxloader, it will detect my game on the flash drive, but then crash after attempting to boot it up. The only game that works is Wii Play. I attempted to try to change the primary IOS via gxloader, but that just makes my flash drive undetectable by the program. Any suggestions as to what I should do?

    The cIOS files that I have installed are
    202[38+60] v4
    222[38+37] v4
    223[38] v4
    249[38] v19
    250[57] v19

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Please don't take offense, but this is what I love --- someone follows another site's guide (at least this was gbatemp) and then comes here cryin' for a fix. It'd help if you followed a wiihacks guide, and stick to the recommended cIOS (IOS 249 Rev 17). Hermes V4 is fine, although it's been awhile to recall what the Hermes thread advises as to pair up.

    Shadow Sonic's got a 4.2 guide utilizing DOP-Mii, why don't you give it a spin.


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